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Analytics by Innews

A new online service has been launched under the signature of Innews.

Analytics is a new tool for monitoring, recording, analyzing and managing publicity, which complements the already existing Inima service, and enables users to have immediate and real-time list of publications that interest them. The new service provides fully customizable graphs with qualitative and quantitative data and is derived directly and automatically from the analysis of publications.

Analytics records and analyzes a 24-hour reports from all major internet sites relating to Greece (news sites, blogs, facebook pages, twitter, YouTube and Instagram), and from all the press clippings that are indexed daily by Innews. Thus, it provides access to all digital Innews files, without any restriction on the number of results, search terms and time periods.

The graphs are generated automatically and are fully customizable, providing real-time data with:

  • Trends
  • Comparisons
  • Influencers
  • Demographics
  • Influence sources
  • Sentiment evaluation
  • Main topics
  • Source publications
  • Share reports by source
  • Volume & variance reports

Also, the platform offers:

Filters for easy and quick search
Option for editing manually the publications
Creation of personalized dashboards from the user
Detailed & fully editable publication lists
Publicity export and graph presentation in different formats

  • Notifications to the user’s email, without restriction to the number
    Ability to create and send automated reports
    Immediate response even in large volumes of data and results
    Creation, configuration and saving of advanced searches by the user

Analytics is accessible via the Internet, from any type of device (PC, smartphone, tablet) 24 hours a day. It features a simple and friendly environment to all users, and does not require specialized knowledge.

Written by innews

Innews Mobile Application

The Inima platform is available for smartphones! Available from the Play store and App store, it is the innovative application of Innews, which allows management of inima platform content on smartphones.

The application is provided for free to subscribers of Innews service and enables direct access to the daily recording of news from all media of the Greek territory.

Main characteristics

·Instant update and easy reading of the news feed on your selected agendas

· Send publications to email accounts

· Enabling publications search

· Access to the daily headlines

·Accumulation of publications in a folder

·  Direct feedback with Innews