Monitor by InNews is a new tool for monitoring, recording, analyzing and managing publicity, that is complementary to existing services (InimaReporting). It enables users to have a real-time list of publications relevant to them as well as fully customizable graphs with qualitative and quantitative data, deriving automatically from the analysis of publications.,

The platform records and analyzes on a 24-hour basis publications from digital media in Greece and Cyprus (news sites, blogs, forums, Twitter and YouTube) as well as mentions from newspapers, magazines, TV channels and radio stations. Moreover, it provides unrestricted access to the InNews media archive.


The platform is designed to easily manage and process large volumes of data, and provides a wide range of tools and graphs for analyzing and visualizing publications, to be used in reports, presentations, etc.

Monitor by InNews is an integrated media monitoring platform that instantly monitors, collects, searches, categorizes, analyzes and processes data.

  • Instant delivery times
  • Automated reporting
  • Analysis trends & sentiment reporting
  • Data available at any time from anywhere
  • 24/7 news monitoring
  • Customizable dashboards & searches
  • Filters for effective management of large data volumes
  • User-Friendly interface for inexperienced users
  • Real-time email alerts for new posts
  • Identification of influential media sources
  • Customizable user searches
  • Statistics & Reports: Various export formats (html, pdf, xls, png)
  • Specific media lists for easy & fast monitoring
  • Categorization by source, sentiment, influence, demographics and other data

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