Our team monitors and processes the topics that interest you and draws up publicity reports. It examines all the relevant reports in the media and selects the thematic registration of publications after assessing the publicity. Depending on the content of reports/ news, thematic groups are created from which a summary of the main elements in Greek and in English is generated. That department monitors the wider publicity, so that the selection of topics and their summary will focus on the essential elements of the agenda.



Regular information updating and training of the Analysis Group on current news topics.

  • The Group subsequently collects and evaluates the relevant reports – clips, and proceeds to a thematic data entry.
  • The results of the above processing are adapted to customer’s guidelines – comments as requested according to priority / importance.
  • The relevant quality control by qualified personnel is required in order to complete the daily assessment.

By using the service you achieve:

  • Immediate reaction to publicity topics of the company and competition.
  • Market share of voice control.
  • Social impact of actions.
  • Full statistics publicity and Key Performance Indicators.
  • Assessment of PR / Marketing actions (Return On Investment).

The main issues that are analyzed are:

Share of Voice

Monitoring of the publicity-visibility progress of the company in relation to its competition. It is  is resulting from the number of publications that refer to the Company divided by the total publications referred to competition as a percentage.

Sentiment analysis

Monitors and assesses the tone of the coverage of the media on the issues related to the Company. It is calculated as the number of press clippings referred to the Company which have been classified positive, negative or neutral, divided by the total press clippings for each company, as a percentage.

Return On Investment

A measure used for evaluating the performance of an investment or comparing the efficacy of a number of investments in PR / Marketing actions.

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