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Innews Cyprus Ltd is a leading company in Cyprus, offering the most innovative, reliable and trustworthy monitoring services for print, online and broadcast media, content analysis and reporting services

Inima is the media monitoring subscription platform by InNews. The users can access at any time all kinds of information relevant to them from newspapers, magazines, TV channels, radio stations, sites, blogs, forums and Greek social media users.

The Reporting and Analysis department monitors and processes all news topics relevant to the subscriber to create publicity reports.

Our team monitors and processes the topics that interest you and draws up publicity reports. It examines all the relevant reports in the media and selects the thematic registration of publications after assessing the publicity. Depending on the content of reports/ news, thematic groups are created from which a summary of the main elements is generated. That department monitors the wider publicity, so that the selection of topics and their summary will focus on the essential elements of the agenda.

Innews Mobile Application

The Inima app is freely available on the App Store and Google Play. Subscribers can manage the content of their account from their smartphone and instantly access all data from the daily news monitoring, of all Cypriot media.

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