Personalized information...

In constant contact and cooperation with its subscribers, Innews thoroughly analyses their specific information needs and creates fuller and more detailed thematic news. Moreover the topics are categorized and archived online, so that the subscriber has in his hands a really handy tool for any requested information.

The topics refer to:

...continuously and rapidly

The Monitoring department of Innews daily indexes mass media 24 hours providing the requested information. The company's journalists update the database also during weekends to ensure uninterrupted information.

…responsibly and with integrity

The experienced eye of our monitoring operators is constantly trained to see behind the news, what is most interesting for each customer.

...easily and completely organized

Access to the files of the company's database is always open to subscribers of Innews. Thus, just a date is sufficient to find older files that are being searched.


The data collected by Innews offer subscribers not merely timely and reliable information, but also an integrated picture of the industry in which it is moving. In that way, it becomes a valuable tool for shaping their trade policy.

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